Austin Weight Loss & Wellness Clinic Round Rock: 512-271-2560 San Marcos: 512-216-6854 Lamar & Braker LN: 512-296-2170 Leander:512-337-5323
Austin Weight Loss & Wellness ClinicRound Rock: 512-271-2560San Marcos: 512-216-6854Lamar & Braker LN: 512-296-2170Leander:512-337-5323


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Round Rock: 512-271-2560

San Marcos: 512-216-6854

Lamar: 512-296-2170

Leander: 512-337-5323

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900 Bugg Lane , Suite 250,

San Marcos, TX 78666

P: 512-216-6854



1805 S US 183, Suite 200,

Leander, TX 78641

P: 512-337-5323



11207 N Lamar Blvd, Suite C,

Austin, TX 78753




2541 S I H-35, Suite 500,

Round Rock, TX 78664

P: 512-271-2560


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Our Medical Weight Loss Treatments

Our goal is to help you lose weight and making you feel great! First of all you need to know that there is "no magic pill or pills" which will help you lose weight overnight. It is a process, which will require your full commitment and dedication to lose weight and eat right and be healthy.

We offer the following medical treatments:

  • Prescription Appetite Suppressant Program

Prescription Appetite Suppressant Program produces impressive results in a relatively short time. It consists primarily of a low carbohydrate, high protein or low calorie diet. Austin Weight Loss Clinic programs combine individual supervision with a Well-balanced food program that is based on regular everyday food purchased from the supermarket, and supplemented with proprietary weight loss aids.

The program is structured to assist you with the optimum weight loss. Most importantly, you will learn and adopt new eating habits and behaviors that will enable you to manage your new healthy weight once you have reached your weight reduction goal.

We have programs for men, women and teen agers starting at age 16. After you have reached your goal, our post-reduction maintenance program allows us to fortify the behavioral changes taught during the weight loss period for long-term results.

When you complete our program you will have the tools, knowledge and the efficient metabolism to manage your new healthy body Weight for a lifetime.

On your first visit, you will  have a medical consultation, based on that consultaion if you require any lab work or EKG medical provider will recommend that. Those may add additional cost to your initial visit.

If all preliminary tests and your screening of physical exam are within normal limits, and we find no other issues, we will provide you with a set of weight loss rules, lists of approved and non-approved foods, and, when qualified, a prescription for the appetite suppressant.



Would you like an individualized consultation?

Just call us at 512-271-2560.

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