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HCG Program appears to act on the hypothalamus, signaling the body to release stored fat into the bloodstream where its is thenavailable to be used by the cells for nourishment. This alone will not cause weight loss, though, unless you reduce your food intake. This forces the body to use the mobilized fat from the bloodstream. HCG causes the release of abnormal fat withoutaffecting structural fat and muscle tissue. Which means you lose in those stubborn areas--hips, thighs, buttocks, and upper amrs!


Austin Weight Loss  is committed to proactive health, improving your present health, to preventing age-related diseases and to improving your total quality of life through a “balanced, holistic approach.”


Our Anti-Aging Program involves the comprehensive management and treatment of the whole body against the unwelcome effects of aging. We are dedicated to the advancement of safe and effective medical technologies and age-defying solutions, to detect, prevent, and treat age-related issues and disease.  Our ultimate goal is to help you achieve “total rejuvenation” which means inner health and well being balanced with outer beauty.


At Guaranteed Weight Loss, we help each patient individually to address age-related concerns. Our personalized treatment plans “slow” the aging process so that you look and feel better. We effectively identify and treat many age-related concerns including:
• Hormone Imbalance
• Lack of Libido
• Low Energy Levels
• Mood Swings
• Sleep Problems
• Menopause Symptoms
• Testosterone Deficiency
• Weight Gain
• Reduced Muscle Mass
• Displeasing Body Contour & Appearance
• Wrinkles, Sagging, Dry Skin


Hormone Replacement Therapy can restore optimal levels to unbalanced hormones, to improve your health and enable your body to function more efficiently. There are a variety of therapies which may be included in your treatment including bio-identical hormones, testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, human growth hormone and other hormones.


Hormones work slowly over time to effect our growth and development, metabolism, sexual function, reproduction, mood swings, immune system, survival responses (fight or flight) and appetite or hunger cravings. Hormones are powerful and it only takes a small hormonal imbalance to create a major change on particular cells…or on the whole body.

•Increase Energy Levels
•Achieve a Leaner, Stronger Physique
•Stabilize Blood Pressure
•Normalize Cholesterol Levels
•Increase Bone Strength
•Boost Memory
•Improve Skin Tone…and much more!


BIO-IDENTICAL HORMONES is a natural molecular formula that is identical to the molecular formula of hormones made by our bodies. Hormones such as estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone naturally decrease with age, but the use of bio-identical hormones can help restore hormones to the levels that were present in our youth.
MENOPAUSE – Declining hormones can negatively impact your daily life and overall feelings of wellbeing. Menopausal women (menstruation ceases) in particular, often feel “out of sync” as their ovaries begin to decrease production of estrogen, progesterone and testosterone.
MALE MENOPAUSE / ANDROPAUSE – Men, like women, experience an age-related “change of life.” Men also suffer with fluctuating hormone levels and testosterone deficiencies that lead to the physical and mental changes.  This condition is called andropause or male menopause.  
TESTOSTERONE is the hormone responsible for libido, muscle mass and energy level, and it decreases in both men and women with age. Restoring testosterone to youthful levels can lead to a healthy sex drive, increased muscle mass, better mental focus, and higher energy levels.
THYROID levels can decrease as you age, causing the body temperature and metabolism to dip below normal. This deficiency can also contribute to low energy and depression. Fortunately, implementing a thyroid hormone replacement therapy plan to counteract these symptoms is easy and inexpensive.
HUMAN CHORIONIC GONADOTROPIN (HCG) is a hormone produced naturally during pregnancy. Administering the hormone can help to stimulate the sex drive.


Since each individual’s hormonal requirements are distinctly different, we begin by evaluating your need for hormone replacement therapy with comprehensive diagnostic testing. This involves urine, saliva, hair, and blood testing to create what we call a hormonal panel.

Once we determine where hormonal deficiencies exist, our team of medical professionals, tailor an individualized hormone replacement therapy plan aimed at helping you look and feel your best by replenishing dwindling levels of hormones.


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