Austin Weight Loss & Wellness Clinic Round Rock: 512-271-2560 San Marcos: 512-216-6854 Lamar & Braker LN: 512-296-2170 Leander:512-337-5323
Austin Weight Loss & Wellness ClinicRound Rock: 512-271-2560San Marcos: 512-216-6854Lamar & Braker LN: 512-296-2170Leander:512-337-5323


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Round Rock: 512-271-2560

San Marcos: 512-216-6854

Lamar: 512-296-2170

Leander: 512-337-5323

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900 Bugg Lane , Suite 250,

San Marcos, TX 78666

P: 512-216-6854



1805 S US 183, Suite 200,

Leander, TX 78641

P: 512-337-5323



11207 N Lamar Blvd, Suite C,

Austin, TX 78753




2541 S I H-35, Suite 500,

Round Rock, TX 78664

P: 512-271-2560


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Our Expert Staff Are Waiting to Assist & Pamper You!

Our team of friendly staff are looking forward to greeting you at our clinic.

Sharmin Khan

Family Nurse Practitioner
Sharmin has been Nurse Practitioner for over 15 years now! She had worked in various specialties such as: Women’s Health, Internal Medicine, Family Practice and for last 13 years in Weight Loss Clinics in Houston and Austin! She lives in central Austin with her husband and kids!

Certification: Academics: RN/BSN, APN/FNP, MSN

Also has been certified for advance skin care, anti ageing, HCG, Weight loss programs by Empire Medical and has obtained CME’s through American Bariatric Association several years in a row! Member of American Obesity Association, Austin APN, TNP.


Area of specialty

Family Practice


Personal philosophy

Body, mind and nature all works together. Chossing healthy lifestyle is not about perfection, but trying your best in any given situation. Live the life you preach to others.


Medical Assistants:
All our MA’s are local to Austin and sourounding areas and have very positive attitude towards our clients! They show respect and understanding towards every person who walks through the door, regardless of their background! Most of the MA's are Bilingual (English and Spanish)!

All our MA's are well trained in diet counselling and supporting our patients through out their weigt loss journey.

We believe in our community and catered towards our local customers!

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